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Ways to Find a Lost iPhone Having Dead Battery

Posted on: 11 Nov, 2019

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Having an iPhone is an awesome feeling and on the same level losing the iPhone is a depressing thing than anything. You must have lost your iPhone 6S, iPad Mini or any other iPhone on workplace while, traveling or somewhere else. A sigh of relief can be taken as Apple have launched a service name Find My iPhone, with which one can track the location of the iPhone. It would provide you the last location here the iPhone was found so one can easily track the device. Find my iPhone can be downloaded to the device and set up later. This valuable app is available for free of cost. The best part is it also works on the Mac and iPad, so, in short, it would not be boasting when we say that you can keep track of all of your Apple devices with just an app.

How Does It Work? - To make the app work, you have to turn on Find My iPhone and connect the device to the internet and it would broadcast the location. Even and iOS device can also be used to track the location. Still, you find that the device is missing and battery is dying and even someone would have turned off this app, then also one need not to worry because one can ask for the last location and the app would provide with the same. 

With this initiative by the Apple, it is the benefit of the owners of iPhone 6S or any other iPhones, Mac or iPads, that after losing their device, they need not to lose the hope because still, you can find a lead to find. That lead would be the recent location or the last location where it was seen and after searching, you can have your device back as well. This valuable app named Find My iPhone is helpful to transmit the location of the device to its owner using the special feature of Find My iPhone.

This is a clear sign that Apple is helpful the person to track the iPhone even when it is being lost, stolen or any other misshaping done with same. When the battery of your Apple iPad Mini is low, then possibly the thief can erase the data off the iPhone, but when having this app then need to connect that to the computer before wiping it. 

iOS 10 has come with lots of advanced features that makes your Apple devices even more high tech, and one of the most beneficial one form them is Find My iPhone and the app uses the iCloud for storage and syncing of data. To make entire work done well, it is necessary that you need to have an iCloud account and then only you would be able to avail the service. There are possibilities that you are already having one account, then through Apple you can first set up the Apple device. Then, check and go to settings, then iCloud. Here you would see the account name.The only task you need to do is to remember your apple ID to associate devices with the account and then only you can be able to make that use in further

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